Jazz Scale Suggester System and Jazz Scale Cheater TM


These apps simplify jazz soloing by showing how any cluster of chords can be reduced to a minimum of improvising scales. You enter the chords and the apps suggest scales you can use. Enter as many chords as you like.

Please note that these apps are no longer being maintained, but should work indefinitely. The Android app can only be installed by side loading (no longer listed on Google Play).

This is old fashioned AI not trained on data. Both the Android app and the Windows program use the same 25 year old meticulously handcrafted AI rule base. These installers have been scanned using virustotal, but you can always quickly upload and scan again if in doubt using Virustotal.com

Free Android Jazz Scale Cheater

The Jazz Scale Cheater is your solution for reducing the complexity of any set of jazz chord clusters. You can enter up to an entire typical chord chart if you desire. As soon as you enter your chords the cheater suggests the minimum of scales. While you do need to enter chords manually, the entry boxes on the app are huge, so with both thumbs you can enter your chords fast. The Jazz Scale Cheater is lean and mean and runs fast. There are no longer advertisements appearing!

Free Download JSSS for Windows

The full JSSS Windows program is no longer maintained but should work indefinitely. The VB6 runtime is included in the package.

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